We work with a local vendor. We do not recommend purchasing containers on craigslist as they are not certified. Meaning, we do not know what was shipping inside and we do not know exactly what condition they are in.

  • Standard 8’H x 8’W x 20’L
  • High Cube is ideal to build a home with 9’H x 8’W x 20’L
  • Other options are 40’L and 53’L

Unfortunately not. Sige&Honey is here to be your designer, to make sure you get the most functional and well designed container living space you can get.

A flat bed will deliver the containers. A forklift or a crane will be needed to put in place.

Either our local container vendor or a specialized welder. Not just any welder can fabricate a container. There are certain methods of cutting to make sure the containers stays airtight and watertight.

Yes. Containers can be stacked or placed in any order desired, however your design must be approved by your general contractor and engineer.

Most of the time, depending on what county you plan to build in, you will need an architect. An architect is needed to make sure you meet all codes and restrictions.

It varies in each city and county. Austin does not require a permit for a structure smaller than 200 square feet. So if you are looking for a quick solution to a backyard guest house a standard 8’x20’ will work with no permit required.

Yes. If you plan to connect your container to your main house, make sure your electrical panel is strong enough for the additional usage. We recommend contacting a licensed electrician to help. The city of Austin will require a permit if your electrical panel needs to be upgraded.

Absolutely. The following can be selected for containers:
-Plumbing placement
-Electrical layout
-Drywall texture and paint
-Foundation: can be placed on solid foundation or concrete piers
-Exterior paint and or facade.

A container space can be used for a home, office space, guest house, in-law suite, retail space. The possibilities are endless!

Sige & Honey does not provide land/property for your container home or space.

The price can range from $140 a square foot to $300 a square foot, depending on finish selections. For example, laminate flooring will be less expensive than engineered wood floors.